K. H. (Koko) LAM Research group

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Ying Li

Ph.D. Student
E-mail:     yingli109@163.com

Research direction:     Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Miss Ying LI received the B.Sc. degree of Chemical Education and the M.Sc. degree majored in Materials Science in College of Chemistry and Materials Science from Sichuan Normal University in 2012 and 2015, respectively. During her graduate studies, she engaged in the research and development of BFO-based multiferroic ceramics. She has also been working in the field of lithium ion battery cathode materials. Her recent research interests include Li-ion battery cathode materials and electrocatalysts. 

Postgraduate StudentS

Shuping lin

ph.d. STUDENT, jointly supervised by prof. xm tao at the HKPolyU

E-mail:     shuping.s.lin@connect.polyu.hk

Research direction:     Flexible thermoelectric generators

Miss Shuping LIN received her M.Eng. degree majored in Chemical Engineering from Sun Yat-Sen University in 2015, and B.Sc. degree specialized in Applied Chemistry from Jiaying University in 2013, respectively. During her previous research studies, she focused on nano-MOF (metal organic frameworks) materials as the novel efficient adsorbent in sewage treatment, large scale micro-MOF film for proton conducting, and ligand displace route to MOF nanorods fabrication. She studied the mechanism of nano-MOFs for dye adsorption and transformation between MOF pellets and nanorods. In her Ph.D. programme, her research interest orients to flexible, wearable thermoelectric generators and thermoelectric materials.

QI Zhang

Ph.D. Student

E-mail:     tommy-qi.zhang@connect.polyu.hk

Research direction:     Ultrasonic transducers

Mr. Qi ZHANG received the M.Sc. degree with the highest honor “Dean’s List” in Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2013. From 2013 to 2014, he joined an Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) project as a junior research assistant in CUHK and worked on CAD design of electromagnetic-coils setup and finite element modeling (FEM) analysis of manipulation forces. He has also been working on modeling and simulation of scaled-up helical microswimmers and wireless control of helical microrobots using a rotating permanent magnet. He has achieved a high impact factor SCI journal paper as a co-author. His recent research interests include ultrasonic transducer technology and biomedical applications of ultrasonic transducers.