K. H. (Koko) LAM Research group


CHAN, Wing Hei: Development of novel signal processing algorithms for ultrasonic non-destructive technique enhancement
HO, Shu Ming: Development of transparent ultrasound transducer with optical lens as a backing layer
KEUNG, Wing Long Ryan: Improvement of electrochemical performance of Si-based anode materials for Li-ion batteries via the synergetic effect of doping Cu3Si and coating carbon​
LAM, Chak Yin Andy: Prussian Blue Analogues Cathode Materials for Aqueous Zinc-ion Battery
LEUNG, Chi Yin: Wearable fiber-like supercapacitor-battery by electroless deposition of multi-metal layers
SZETO, Man Leong: In-situ synthesis of reduced graphene oxide / copper chalcogenides thermoelectric composites for thermoelectric performance enhancement
HO, Yu Yan; TSANG, Hin Lok; YIP, King Long: Broadband transparent ultrasound transducer based on lithium niobate with several matching layers


CHAN, Wing Hei: Electrode materials for rechargeable batteries

CHAN, Wai Ying: Electrode materials for supercapacitor
CHEUNG, Kin: Electrode materials for rechargeable batteries

CHEUNG, King Fai: Thermoelectric materials
​CHEUNG, Tak Sang: Ultrasound transducers

CHEUNG, Yat Hei: Electrode materials for supercapacitor
CHU, Tai Yeung: Thermoelectric materials

HO, Shu Ming: Ultrasound transducers
KEUNG, Wing Long Ryan: Electrode materials for rechargeable batteries

LAM, Chak Yin Andy: Electrode materials for rechargeable batteries
LAU, Kwun Wang Oliver: Ultrasound transducers
SZETO, Man Leong: Thermoelectric materials

YIP, Chun Hang: Ultrasound transducers


CHENG, Chi Yung: A current stress testing system for semiconductor materials
CHOW, Wang Hin: Nanosized copper sulfide thermoelectric material
HO, Yuen Yuen: A transducer for gastrointestinal endoscopic catheter
LO, Tsz Kin: A rotary system for intravascular ultrasound imaging

MAK, Kim Hung: Prussian Blue cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries​
NG, Sen Fung: Anode materials derived from Prussian Blue Analogues for sodium-ion batteries

TONG, Tsz Hin: Fe3O4-based electrode materials for supercapacitor
WILLYSKA, Wilbert: Cathode materials derived from Prussian Blue Analogues for sodium-ion batteries
WONG, Kai Hong Ken: Flexible supercapacitor material for wearable devices

CHAN, Ka Shun; HO, Tsz Him; KWOK Chin Pok: A home-made system for the measurement of electrical conductivity under different environmental conditions

​(2020, Summer research interns)

CHENG, Chi Yung: Home-made measurement system for semiconductor materials

CHOW, Wang Hin: Thermoelectric materials
HO, Yuen Yuen: Home-made measurement system for semiconductor materials

LO, Tsz Kin: Home-made measurement system for semiconductor materials

NG, Sen Fung: Electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

TSE, Man Hin: Supercapacitor materials

WILLYSKA, Wilbert: Electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

WONG, Kai Hong Ken: Supercapacitor materials


CAI, Bing Chang: Static batteryless torch

HUNG, Chun Lok: High performance porous carbon-based cathode material for dual-ion batteries (DIBs)

KWOK, Chi Shing: Development of a dual-mode acoustic vortex-based transducer

LAM, Yuk Kin: Solar photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system

LAU, Yat Wun: Nanoporous networks for green energy storage devices with fast charging-discharging rate

LAW, Wai Shing Ken: Prussian blue cathode material for green and low-cost aqueous sodium-ion batteries (SIBs)

LEE, Kenyoung: Design and fabrication of portable and flexible solar power harvesting system from the carbon fiber supercapacitors and flexible photovoltaic cell

LI, Tsz Yeung: Portable emergency generator

PANG, Chin Ching: Audio-based smart home controlling system

WAN, Siu Kwan: Development of high-performance wearable energy storage devices

Yeung, Yan Kin: Cooling from heat

HO, Shu Ming; SZETO, Man Leong: Development of a cylindrical thermoelectric generator for energy harvesting application


AU, Wai Ki: Window cleaning robot

CHUNG, Hon Hei: Studies of Cu2Se-based thermoelectric materials

HON, Man Kit: Flexible and binder-free Prussian blue as cathode for sodium-ion batteries
HUNG, Ting Hong: Walking robot insect

LAI, Pui Kin: Robot fish

LAM, Chak Tim: Analysis of features of photovoltaic system in different facilities

LO, Long Yin: A model of self-balancing electric monowheel

​MAK, Chi Ho: Facile synthesis of nitrogen- and boron co-doped porous carbon as an anode material for sodium-ion batteries

​SOONG, Ka Po: Nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanomaterials for removing heavy metals in water

TSANG, Man Him: Development of high-frequency intravascular ultrasound transducer using PNN-PZT-based ceramics

YEUNG, Pui Hin: Swimming robot snake

YIP Yung To: Flying robot for gas detection in confined space

LAU, Leo Nardo; CHENG, Chi Yung; WONG, Cheuk Hei Caleb: Development of an innovative floating photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid generator system


CHAN, Ming Yiu: Binder-free nickel foam assisted NiCo2O4 nanowires as an anode for lithium ion batteries
CHIU, Shi Lok: Health monitoring wearable device
CHIU, Sing: Development of hollow ZnFe2O4 nanomaterials for removing the heavy metals in water

LAU, Hin Sui: Development of miniature ultrasonic transducers using PNN-PZT ceramics
LAW, Chak Wai
: Thermoelectric energy harvesting from a water pipe

LAW, San Kwan: Ultrasound levitating array

LEE, Chak Ming: Development of a piezoelectric thermoacoustic engine
WONG, Chong Chi: Ultrasound levitator with a dynamic reflector

CHENG, Kai Sum; WONG, King Hei; YEUNG, Man Fai: Self-driving car (won Best Final Year Project Award in “Electric Vehicle Technologies” donated by H.K.L.H.D Motors Association Limited)


CHAN, Ka Leung: Development of carbon coated LiFeFSO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteries
CHENG, Wing Kit: Solar wireless mobile phone charger
CHU, Yin Fung: Wireless thermoelectric fire alarm system
CHOW, Yau Fun: 3-D magnetic levitation using a rotating magnet (won Bronze Award in 2017 Hong Kong Young Genius Exhibition and Competition) 
LAI, Hon Lam: Dual-element ultrasonic transducers
LAU, Ka Ho: Service life study of lithium ion batteries

LI, Chui Tin: Thermoelectric cooler
WONG, Chiu Kit: A flexible thermoelectric energy harvesting device

WONG, Tin Wai: Self-focused acoustic ejector II
YIP, Ching To: Wireless portable charger with a PV panel
NG, Heung Lam; LO, Long Yin; WONG, Alex: Piezoelectric windmill II (won Bronze Award in 2017 Hong Kong Young Genius Exhibition and Competition)


CHENG, Hiu Kwan: Magnetoelastic torque sensor
CHOW, Ka Lung: Piezoelectric windmill
LEE, Long Fung: Magnetic levitation using a rotating magnet
MA, Tsz Kit: A thermoelectric fire alarm system
NGAI, Chun Pan: High-frequency lead-free ultrasonic transducers
TAM, Shun Hang: Self-focused acoustic ejector
TANG, Rui: Lead-free non-destructive high-frequency current detection device based on multiferroic material
YANG Yihao: Development of piezoelectric paint sensor for engineering applications
YIU Chu Hong: Study of feasibility of energy harvesting under roadways in Hong Kong
LAI, Ka Hei Derek; LAI, Tsz Wing; YAU Ka Kit: Active acoustic balancing system


AU YEUNG, Wing Hong: Energy harvesting with wheel using piezoelectric materials ​

CHEUNG, Ka Chun: Levitated wind power
CHIU, Sze Kit: Wireless heartbeat monitoring by piezoelectricity ​
CHUNG, Ming Hung: Energy harvesting with thermoelectricity​
LAM, Wing Hei: Development of a TE material based fire alarm system
LI, Kai Yin: Anti–collision railway system using ultrasound technique
LI, Kin Ling: Effect of Mo doping on thermoelectric performance of tungsten oxide
NG, Sze Woon Cat: Smart control of lighting by piezoelectricity
TSE, Cheuk Shing Charlie: Thermoelectric generator charger with MPPT
YEUNG, Pak Yau: Portable renewable charger
YIP, Chong Lam: Parking sensor system using ultrasound technique
CHAN, King Hing; CHU, Ho Wing; LI, Tsz Chung: Ultrasound anti-theft system
LI, Leong Kam; TANG, Ho Shun; WONG, Ho Man: Portable ultrasonic distance measuring device


​CHING, Chi To Nathan: Single-beam acoustic tweezers fabricated using different piezoelectric materials 

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